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Special programs
Stop acne
Stop hemangioma
Stop melanoma
If you have pimples, if you are tired of fighting acne with diets and various creams — our program is for you. It will amaze you with the result and will change your life for better! We take the most difficult cases and defeat the disease.
Stop skin cancer
If your baby has a red spot on the skin and it is growing, it could be hemangioma. It is a dangerous tumor and it is crucially important to choose the right therapeutic approach and to start treatment without wasting time. We have all this combined knowledge and experience and we will definitely help your baby!
Do you have a lot of moles? Are your moles growing? Do you have a congenital pigment nevus or have your relatives ever had melanoma? Do you see the development of a new mole or sudden changes to the existing ones? Did you get a sunburn in your childhood? A positive answer to at least one of these questions suggests you should have regular skin exams done by the dermatologist and it is vitally important for you. We are able to save you from danger.
Have you got a pink spot on your face that doesn't fade away? Is your mole covered in crusts? Is the skin around your mole becoming red or developing colored blemishes or swelling? Was there a sunburn or skin cancer in your anamnesis? Our program will help you to deal with the problem of dangerous neoplasms. What is about skin cancer? We do not just treat it — we cure it! It is just important not to waste time.
25 years of medical practice, an integrated approach and the use of the world's best treatment standards helped us to save lives, beauty and health for thousands of our patients.
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Olga Bogomolets
Prof., PhD, Dermatologist
Vadym Shypulin
Prof., PhD., gastroenterologist
Kira Kravets
PhD., dermatologist,
specialist in scar treatment
Halyna Usenko
Dermatologist, cosmetologist, expert in antiaging
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Olena Koval
Nataliia Semeniuk
Dermatologist, trichologist
Svitlana Diachuk
Dermatologist, pediatric dermatologist
Zhanna Dranyk
Surgeon, combustiologist
Oleksii Skrynnyk
Vascular surgeon
Maksym Talko
Surgeon, pediatric surgeon, specialist in ultrasound diagnostics
For 25 years, we have been treating not only our patients, but also their children and even grandchildren. We keep up with new technologies and can stop the growth of hemangiomas in your baby, timely diagnose skin cancer and cure it.

If your family members have dangerous moles, we can keep them under control so that they could not bring you any trouble. We are always there — both online and physically in our clinic!
We will help you with the problems of your gastrointestinal tract and find the best treatment for your stomach, liver and intestines. Without the effective functioning of internal organs, it is difficult to have your skin clean, healthy and nice-looking.
If you have scars — keloids or hypertrophic, atrophic or post-acne — we will help you for sure. The best modern laser technologies, combined with our knowledge and experience, help us to make true miracles and treat your skin problems.
If your child or you burned the skin or injured the mole, we will help you to choose the right home treatment and teach you how to treat the skin by yourself to heal it more quickly.
If your hair falls out, it's not a problem. We have enough experience to help you to deal with it. We can also diagnose, treat and control acne efficiently and professionally with the help of telemedicine!
Our program "Anti-Aging at Home" is new, but effective. We deal with acne, problem skin, and anti-aging care. We will also teach you how to keep the effect of professional cosmetic and injection procedures at home!
If your child has rash or mole on the skin — do not worry, we will help you to make the right diagnosis and choose the best treatment tactic.
Are you worried about a skin rash or an exacerbation of your skin disease? We will teach you and show which problems and how you can solve at home, without visiting the hospital.
Are you worried about leg swelling and varicose veins? We will help you to solve the problem and teach you how to identify the symptoms of varicose veins and the first signs of chronic venous diseases. We will also teach you what to do at home to prevent varicose veins.
We treat hamartomas, hemangiomas, papillomas, warts, pyogenic granulomas, and molluscum contagiosum. We will prepare the child for the removal of these formations and cure him!
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